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Prefabrication Planning


The following are taken into consideration when conducting designs in any sector:


  • customized conditions based on the project's needs (e.g., customer requirements),

  • potential environmental impacts resulting from the processes of construction and putting into service throughout the life cycle of the construction,

  • legislative specifications per project


Following the identification of these basic specifications, the procedure which is followed is mapped out and based on the management policy of each project by the competent Department of A. MPANAKA IKE. In particular, the following are included:


  • Analytic Project Implementation Plan

  • Conduct of construction plans

  • Scheduling of works 

  • Amendments to project specifications

  • Project Supervision and Completion


Respectively, our smooth operation is ensured by the corporation's internal operational framework which, according to each project, specifies:

  • the coordination of works.

  • the documentation of works for each building site.

  • the management of necessary supplies and equipment


Throughout the monitoring and management process of the project, full certification exists of the actions taken by respective technical issues and other documents (e.g. constractual drawings) which are available to interested parties.

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